My CP+ page is not loading / CP+ is not responding

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My CP+ page is not loading / CP+ is not responding

Postby Andrew » Tue Feb 21, 2006 3:14 pm

If your CP+ page is not responding, chances are your CP+ server has crashed. In order to get it up and running again, you'll need to reboot the CP+ server on your account. To do so, follow the instructions below.

1. Log into your server using an SSH client such as PuTTY ( ... nload.html) if you're using Windows or the "Terminal" app if you're on MacOS.

type "ssh" (without quotes), then hit enter

2. Go into the init.d directory where you'll find the various services available to your server. CP+ is one of them.

type "cd /etc/init.d", then hit enter

3. Attempt to Stop CP+

type "./cpplus stop"

4. To confirm that CP+ has stopped, type "netstat -ltpn", then hit enter. This will show the current services running on your server.

Look in the third column for and These are the CP+ processes.

IF you don't see either of these, you have stopped CP+ successfully. Skip to step 6. If you DO see either of these in the netstat output, it hasn't stopped yet. We're going to have to go in and kill it manually.

5. If netstat reports that CP+ is still listening on ports 10000 and 20000, we're going to have to kill it manually. The sixth column of the netstat output lists the PID (process ID) of the various services. Locate the ones on port 10000 or should be a four to five digit number XXXX or XXXXX.

type "kill XXXX", hit enter

Run netstat again, "netstat -ltpn", hit enter. If its gone, proceed to step 6. If you see it listening on ports 10000 or 20000 STILL, we'll do the most forceful kill command known to the UNIX world.

"kill -9 XXXX". Hit enter. It's definitely dead now.

6. Now its time to start up CP+ again.

type "./cpplus start", hit enter.

7. Open your web browser and point it to your CP+ administration page. You're good to go!

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